Just a couple of reviews from my amazing clients over the years!



Trying to put this into a length that won't bore the reader with a lot of information yet encapsulates everything that Kyle has taught me is extremely difficult. Yet, here it is, in all of its honesty and glory. The Truth.

When I first began to train with Kyle, I almost didn't. I almost didn't join the gym, I almost walked out and decided to continue what I was doing, which was running. I came from a heavy-set background weighing in at about 400 pounds at my heaviest and lost a majority of it through running ~13 miles a day and participating a VERY strict fast of 23 hours. These long-term paths I was going down, were hurting me and I didn't even realize it. Combined with the sight of all these fitness models and daily gym goers, I was just content with being a skeleton at that point, so I said, "maybe this place isn't for me, I've accomplished enough."

Now came in Kyle, he took me under his guidance and showed me the foundations of the gym, the reasons why I could do it and why I should not be afraid to conquer a challenge like this. He always reminded me that the choice was truly mine at the end of the day, but to lead those choices with intention. One of the most important lessons I carry with me, especially when it comes to training, comes from Kyle. "I could choose to do nothing, but why do nothing, when you could do something?" Again, the choice is yours, but it has to be intentional, and you need to be willing to explore that, and he knew how to explain that me in a way that made both the 400lbs boy and 185lbs skeleton realize that there was always work to be done, and it could be done my way. Because of Kyle, I have learned so much more in terms of how to take care of myself in the gym, after working out and what I am eating/how much I am eating. This is not to say that I've mastered this arena, but to say I am comfortable enough to continue this journey and learn from it on my own.

Because of Kyle: I was, I am and will continue to be. 





feel lucky that I got to work with Kyle as my trainer. He is very knowledgeable and, more importantly to me, fun to train with. I would genuinely look forward to our sessions together, and I was happy with the progress he helped me make